Amanda Brown is a Malaysian fashion designer well known for her denim creativity work ever since she graduated from IFTC College in 2004. Her first design was collection of a unique coin dress. The whole dress was made of one cent Malaysian coins and it weighed about 25 kilo. She then designed a dress made of Danish coins for Her Royal Highness Princess Mary of Denmark as a wedding gift and this design landed her a spot in the Danish fashion magazine.

She won first place in the Fomula1 competition, awarded by the famous fomular1 driver, Fernando Alonso, with an outstanding design of the

PETRONAS male fomula1; silver, blue and yellow costume and for the umbrella girl costume in the 2005 competition held at the Zouk Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Inspired by her own works, Amanda decided to fulfill her dreams and ventured into her own business ‘Amanda Brown Couture’ with its official website being http://www.amandabrowncouture.com and her first clothing line being the denim collection,She is now known in Malaysia as a denim designer. She became the highest selling designer among other designers after selling her collection in the Isetan Japanese store in Malaysia, Amanda was then selected as a guest designer to design for an in house brand called ‘Cicada’ in 2006.

In 2007 Amanda was invited to sell her brand in Isetan Singapore and got an opportunity to take part in the Singapore fashion week where she had a London buyer choose her to sponsor the BBC News TV wardrobe. During this time she worked with few Malaysian artists; Zainal Abidin, Datuk Jamal Ubaidillah bin Haji Ali, better known as Jamal Abdillah a well-known Malaysian pop singer and actor and a few young artists, she also sponsored for a TV program called Mentor with her outstanding designs.

In 2010 Amanda brought a new meaning to creativity when she designed an outfit using Newspapers, making a huge coverage from all media. In addition to her accomplishments, Amanda’s work was recognized by the well-known classic Indian dancer,Datuk Ramli Ibrahim which landed her an opportunity to be the wardrobe designer for the theatre show at Istana Budaya.

After a 2 year break from a ramp show, Amanda Brown is back with her latest collection called “Roman war falling “ a dominant and yet elegant collection using metal and chains. Most of her collection will be shot at Kellie's Castle on the 8th of November, 2015 and the launching of her collection being on the 30th of November, 2015. The fashion star is now one of the judges for Chennai TV talent show which will soon be aired on Malaysian TV.

Amanda Brown’s incredible skills in design, combined with her innate creative abilities, gives out a unique and wearable fashion line that reflects the kind of woman she is; strong, fun, and fearless inspiring others as she continues to provide guidance in helping other young, aspiring fashion designers realize their dreams.To view her designs check out the Gallery .


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Amanda Brown Couture is a clothing line that produces High-End Ready to Wear with the touch of Couture.The clothing line was founded by the famous Malaysian denim fashion designer Amanda Brown.



BROWN GROUP FASHION is a fashion house that displays artistic and creative designs of the famous Malaysian fashion designer Amanda Brown.The company was founded in 2005 by Amanda Brown .


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