Amanda Brown spring/summer 2016 collection is clearly heavily influenced by Spanish couture’s and traditions as such as bull , collection colour palette of red, black ,white, green and gold is significant to the Spanish theme. Red is not only one of the colors of the Spanish flag and the color of matador’s cape, it is also the color of fire and blood. Often associated with energy, power and determination, as well as passion and love, it is a very emotionally intensive colour. Gold is the colour of royalty and wealth, and black is the colour of power, elegance and mystery. Amanda Brown wants her collection to express this strength and power yet also have her seductive site and sense of mystery. Some piece in the collection could be seen as (dress, shorts and long dress) this seductive colour works well here.


Bullfighting is iconic to Spanish tradition and couture and is seen as a demonstration of strength and courage. The ‘matador’ is a person in bullfighting who aggravates and fights with the bull. Amanda Brown’s collection uses influences from the uniform worn by a matador. Matadors wear silk jacket, heavily embroidered in goal and braiding, with skintight high waisted trouser.

Amanda Brown using the matador uniform jacket influence, has decided to make a similar shape and style to that of a matador’s along with the high waisted shorts. Amanda Brown have added her own modern twist into a denim collection for example the shoulder pat on the matador’s coat are represented in the Amanda Brown collection by the use of braiding detail on the shoulders and their padded rigid structure. The embroidery detail on the matador’s jacket are replicated within the collection as black symmetrical braiding across the shorts and also on the chest of the jacket. Amanda Brown twist the matador shape of the jacket but has still managed to modernize the look by adding different details such as a collar and embroidery detail. Amanda Brown is not the first to have used a matador’s jacket as an influence for her collection. In 1960, Yves Saint Laurent had their take, a wool front embroidered, beaded and silk braided with velvet collar and cuffs.

The style Amanda Brown creating the Mediterranean look using deep plum lipstick combined with seductive eye makeup and the models hair are elegantly done up in burns, some with roses ,maracas and crowns. Traditionally Flamingo dancers wore their hair in this style (a low burn) and the red roses are suggestive of the ruffles in their flamingo dresses. The flamingo dancers outfit were usually polka dotted and were combined by a mantle worn over their shoulders. This look will be incorporated into denim collection. The look originates from the late 19 century and at the time was worn by gypsies. Over time, woman of greater classes copied the outfit and in the 60’s the skirts were raising to the middle calf, then in the 70’s they dropped back down again.

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